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Let's meet at JCK Las Vegas

We understand the complexities of engaging today’s "anywhere" customer. We work with luxury brands and companies to build better relationships with their customers at the crossroads of eCommerce and marketing.

Our process is unique and backed by years of experience, so we wanted  to share our knowledge and help new companies. We decided to join everyone at the JCK Las Vegas (June 3-6 ) to meet with Luxury Brands and Companies to answer questions and provide advice on creating their next strategy. Email us and we’ll connect at the show!

Luxury Ecommerce


Statistics show that the craze for online shopping is at an all-time high in the luxury industry and is trending upward and many marketing analysts agree that adding eCommerce to their luxury business will increase their bottom line. However, every part of your eCommerce business is subject to new expectations, competitors, channels, threats and opportunities. Your customers’ needs are driving change and technology is constantly shifting. Today’s brand leaders actively manage the journey to digital excellence, but do you have the knowledge and resources to get you there? In today’s competitive online environment, luxury brands need a partner that can help anticipate emerging eCommerce challenges and opportunities. Someone who can help discover, evaluate and integrate innovative technologies that drive more revenue and provide a remarkable customer experience. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know more about your needs and goals.


The Process to Success


A big part of our process is Strategy.

We’ve been consulting on digital strategies for years. From go-to-market strategies to user experience to product marketing; Strategy & Planning is key to understanding your customer’s needs, developing a road map and creating a unique eCommerce experience.

We create eCommerce experiences

Through beautiful and functional design we deliver unique eCommerce experience and tell your brand’s story for today’s digital consumer. Focused on the needs, behaviors and emotions of the consumer, our designs revolve around storytelling and product relevance. Our approach includes collaborative sessions with our clients, asset development, UX planning, UI design, campaign creative, content production and continuous improvement plans.

Growth and automation through Technology

We architect and develop enterprise level eCommerce solutions to help automate your growth process and reach a broad audience.  Our omni-channel approach focuses on delivering your products to every device from desktop to tablet to mobile. We integrate your online platform with ERP systems and popular Marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay to give your products grand exposure and help you gain maximum ROI.

Your Ecommerce technology partner

Our collaboration doesn’t end when your project goes live, in fact we’ll stick with you throughout the life of your business providing active support and product maintenance; getting your website built by NANO means you’ll always have a trusted team in your corner.


Email us and we’ll connect at the show!

Thank you.



We are privileged to have enjoyed a meaningful and successful experience with these powerful brands
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