Top 3 Reasons Why Fashion Websites Fail Online

Learn how to save your website from failure. 

“100 billion U.S. dollars in revenue projected by 2019”

Apparel and accessories is the most popular Ecommerce category in the United States. Consumers spend about 63 billion U.S. dollars annually on online purchases and Apparel is projected to generate a hundred billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2019. Magento is a widely used Ecommerce platform that many fashion brands depend on for online sales and global growth. However fashion websites tend to overlook 3 crucial points that lead to their failure online.

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Do you want to save your website from failure? Address these 3 crucial points:

At the top of the list, PERFORMANCE! The most important factor to your sales, SEO rankings, abandonment rate, and the shopper’s overall user experience is making sure your Ecommerce solution is running fast as possible. Due to the “heavy” nature of Magento, there is a need for a proper infrastructure and configuration of the platform in order to get optimal pagespeed results. Consider this, a Difference of 250 milliseconds of page load time is what keeps your customer from going to your competitor. If your Magento website loads slowly and lacks in performance, you are probably suffering a loss of clients, revenue, and wasting your marketing dollars! Can you imaging the results if your website performed like a Olympic athlete?


In addition to performance, the next crucial point often ignored is the User Experience (UX). UX plays a dramatic role in growth or failure of your website. UX is not just about improving the usability of web pages. UX must focus on business goals, user journey, and conversion rates. As Tony Robbins would say, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”. Poorly designed user experiences will lead to confusion, visitor drop off, loss of sales, and ultimately the failure of your online business. Do you know who your customers are? Do you understand their needs and purchase goals? Your User Journey should be designed with a specific audience in mind and ideally, based on a deep, research-driven understanding of your customers’ goals.


The third, and probably most overlooked point that leads websites to failure is the lack of Cyber Security. There is a lot of sensitive information, such as customer details and payment information, running through an Ecommerce website. It is essential that fashion companies follow standard website security practices to mitigate data breaches. Customer data breaches will result in a negative PR and tremendous loss of business. Trust is the key word in Ecommerce and losing your clients’ trust directly results in a loss of sales which leads to business failure. Even though Magneto implements a number of excellent security features by default, your Magento site can be compromised. The question is not if your site will get hacked, the better question is, “When and how badly will it affect your business.” A site owner must identifying where they are most vulnerable to cyber attacks and take measures to limit these vulnerabilities. Simple maintenance of your in the form of platform and module updates is a solid start for any site owner. The right hosting environment and infrastructure also play a big role of how well you are protected. Are you taking the right measure to protect your business? Do you know if your website has been compromised? Preparation is the first step to a successful business.


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