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Giganto™ is mobile-friendly out of the box, integrates into your ecosystem, runs on the same domain, and managed through the same backend as your website.

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Product Description

Limited time offer. Expires April 1st, 2017

Magento Mobile Extension, Giganto™ is mobile-friendly out of the box, and smoothly integrates into your ecosystem. It runs on the same domain, and managed through the same backend as your website. Our beautifully designed mobile shopping experience powered by the strength of a high performance, scalable Magento platform will help you capture the fast growing mobile user base. Everything you need to Start and grow the mobile side of your Ecommerce business.

(No contract, No revenue share, Just an epic experience)


Mobilize your store

Offer your users a full mobile experience and make your website look great on mobile devices. One Magento mobile solution tailored for all mobile platforms, running on the same domain as your current website. (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry etc.) Giganto™ offers a mobile-friendly experience designed for conversions. Own your mobile experience!

Feature list

  • Magento CE / EE 1.6 and Above
  • Fast and east setup
  • Fully customize-able
  • Integration ready with Qbox Elastic Search, Avalara, Facebook Login, 360 views, Google analytics
  • Cross browser ready
  • Smart branding dashboard
  • Slide show with call to actions
  • Featured products & categories
  • Expandable into native apps
  • No Contract. No revenue share.

We recommend running a mobile theme, or as Google calls it – a dynamic serving website. This will give you a mobile website that runs on the same Magento installation, pulling all of your same data on the home page, category, subcategory and product pages as your desktop website. It lives on the same domain name –, so there are no canonical URLs to manage. It tackles on performance ferociously as it only sends mobile content to the mobile device, nothing extra. It doesn’t send desktop-sized images to your mobile phone, nor does it send excess CSS and JS code. The time to implement this is also much shorter than a responsive website as it is installed on your website to live side by side your desktop.

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How to install Giganto mobile 

Check out a few clients using our extension: (use a mobile device)


Configuration maybe required. If you do not have a Magento team please inquire for cost of integration.

Coming soon – Giganto2™


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