The more business owners I speak with, the more I realize how UNINFORMED they are about the state of #AI and #innovation. Think of all the iconic brands that #failedtoinnovate: KODAK, Blockbuster, Blackberry, RadioShack, Toys R Us and many more… Giants that fell because they couldn’t see ahead. The problem is SIZE NO LONGER MATTERS! You don’t have to be a giant brand to innovate, as a matter a fact most innovation comes from small #startups that think different. What most companies fail to see is that #artificialintelligence is not only the leading technology that’s changing business innovation, but that it is also RESHAPING INDUSTRIES. If you are afraid of it, ignoring it, or waiting for someone else to integrate it, then you might as well CLOSE your business NOW.

Our research team put together a sampling of companies are using AI to increase sales, productivity, speed, efficiency, segmentation, targeting, compliance, conversions, create new products, and, of course, generated significant business growth.

One very impressive case study, with a rare and remarkable achievement, is a New York-based Harley Davidson dealer who incorporated the marketing platform into his marketing mix and saw a 2,930% increase in sales leads, which resulted in triple the business over the previous year. For Harley-Davidson, AI evaluated the marketing performance across digital channels and used what it learned to create more opportunities for conversion.

Can you smell what UA is cooking?

Although The Rock did strike a deal with Under Armour in 2016, that’s not what intrigued us about the company. UA, an American manufacturer of sports footwear and apparel, built a UA Record™ app using the IBM Watson Cognitive Computing to serve as a personal health assistant. The app combines sensor data and user provided sleep, fitness, activity, and nutrition information to produce personalized coaching recommendations. With a rating of 4.5 stars, Record™ has increased revenue for Connected Fitness accessories by 51% to $80 million.

The list goes on:

Amazon uses AI to predict what products will be most in demand and provides customized recommendations based on customer searches. According to rejoiner, Amazon’s recommendation engine drives 35% of total sales.

Japan’s largest e-commerce site, Rakuten, continues to invest in AI to better predict customer behaviors, which has proven to be critical for e-commerce success. In Rakuten’s Fits Me app, Image-recognition technology is used with the objective of improving customer satisfaction and sales productivity.

eBay sees AI as a way to maintain consumer interest and a competitive edge. The eBay Shopbot helps users easily find products that they are interested in by using NLP.

Cognizant’s system uses text analytics and an advanced machine-learning algorithm to mine physicians’ notes and electronic medical records. From this index of data, alerts are generated for doctors during patients’ visits when a pattern of at-risk behavior is identified. So far, 85,000 at-risk patients have been identified through this system producing a savings of $60 million for organizations.

Today, content, products, and services are largely designed for mass consumption. In the near future, they will be customized based on an individual users’ needs, wishes, and intentions—an approach known as mass personalization. Companies that continue to focus on the “old way” of doing business will eventually fall too far behind to catch up. Mass Personalization is achieved through the use of AI technologies, and companies need to break out of their comfort zones and focus on innovation.

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