We leverage Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP & Neuroscience to build disruptive products, working on several projects simultaneously with the ultimate goal of creating successful stand-alone companies.


We partner with founders to create new products and services and build teams to scale them as independent businesses. 


Building a successful company requires domain expertise, uncommon talent, great execution, and the right timing. Our team of AI engineers, Product designers, Data scientists, and Entrepreneurs has developed the process on how to validate rapidly and refine new business ideas.


Human Resources

a job marketplace redefining normality in the way companies attract, select, and retain talent. We've introduced two science-based improvements to help companies hire smarter and help job-seekers find career paths that capitalize on their strengths;
Machine Learning. Deep Learning. Natural Language Processing. Neuroscience. Gaming. Branding. Software development. User Experience.


Ergonomics, Work-related Injury Prevention

an AI system for real-time monitoring of workplace safety and evaluating risks to proactively prevent work-injury and fatigue, we developed a method to extract a silhouette of workers and assess their postures & track their motions, quantifying their task-risk factor, and generating recommendations to prevent WMDS injuries, improve safety, and increase productivity;
Computer Vision. Pattern recognition. Machine Learning.

Meeting of Brain & Body

Students Mental Health

a comprehensive health initiative to improve a student’s physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. We utilize interactive games developed by cognitive neuroscientists, cutting-edge workout plans and diets from experienced trainers and sports psychologists, easy-to-use emotional health tools from mental health professionals, and interactive, adaptive, and personalized experience for students by AI specialists, all to provide a personalized experience to improve a student's overall well being; Neuroscience. Gaming. Machine Learning. NLP.


Ecommerce Product Recommendation Engine

Joolez is a diamond ring marketplace powered by behavioral science and artificial intelligence, to help you find the perfect diamond ring based on what matters most to you.Joolez digital assistant will recommend diamonds and rings based on your needs and personal style;
Machine Learning. Computer Vision. Pattern recognition. NLP. Branding. User Experience. Software Development.

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