Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence & Data Science can deliver tremendous business value

Organizations that have enabled AI at the enterprise level are increasing operational efficiency, making faster more informed decisions and innovating new products and services.

NANO has been implementing custom technology solutions for many years and has developed a unique approach that reduces risk, accelerates product delivery, and ensures a quality solution. NANO’s Product Team helps customers plan and implement solutions by leveraging human-centered design, artificial intelligence and subject matter expertise to create products and experiences that deliver maximum business impact. With a strong problem-solving ability and proficiency across multiple data science disciplines, such as machine learning, NLP, Deep-Learning and Cognitive Computing NANO delivers custom solutions for any industry.


Our Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Services cover:

  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Machine Learning(NLP,NLU,NLI, predictive and recommendation system, Automation…)
  • Deep Learning(Computer Vision, pattern recognition, ANN,RNN,CNN,LSTM…)



“The winning strategy is not only addressing users needs and wants but also connecting to them on a human dimension”

Nano delivers products that bring your company’s vision into reality. With our team of experienced engineers, we provide the ability to quickly and efficiently develop new products, iteratively prototype, and scale production to guide your project from beginning to end.

Our AI team focuses on a wide spectrum of industries ranging from Staffing to Aviation, Ecommerce to Healthcare, Marketing to Finance, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Fashion, and Luxury. We are comprised of Data Scientists, Machine Learning Specialists, Technology Consultants and UX Experts from Google, Amazon, NASA, IBM, Paypal, Nike, who work in tandem to uncover business level opportunities and create products through human-centered design and powered by Artificial Intelligence that delivers true market value.


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We can not solve our problems with the same thinking that created them
~ Albert Einstein