Using Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Students’ Health.

Improve students’ health in a format that is fun for them

Our Solution is a comprehensive personalized health initiative targeted to improve students’ well-being Cognitively, Physically & Emotionally.

The Product is an App that utilizes interactive games developed by cognitive neurosciences and artificial intelligence specialists to improve Cognitive and Mental performance. The App integrates cutting-edge workout plans designed by experienced trainers and easy to use emotional health tools from mental health professionals and sport psychologists.

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Science Based Results & Companion Platform


Mental Health

Anxiety disorder

Emotional Regulation

Biological & Environmental Stress


Cognitive Performance

Learning Capabilities

Speed of Thinking

Acquisition of new skill



Mood State

Emotional Conditioning

Attention Span

Benefits to Individuals and Team

Reward Platform

Graduation Levels


What Market Do We Start With?

Sports – The competitive youth sports programs have exploded across the United States.

Cognitively Diverse Team

A unique blend of technologists and scientists from Google, Amazon, IBM, NASA, and PayPal came together to make invisible visible in EdTech industry.

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