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Bramour. A division of Glamorise Foundations Inc.

01 About the Brand

Glamorise has been designing bras for full figured woman in their Madison Avenue studio since 1921. Bramour, the first new independent brand from Glamorise has been a labor of love. In a category cluttered with fashion, Bramour is refined. Designed by the experts without limitation for one purpose, to design beautiful bras that you simply love. Bramour features a collection of beautiful bras for full-figured woman that are sophisticated, luxurious and comfortable.

Over the last few years, Glamorise has partnered with NANO to broaden their digital commerce capabilities for multiple brands within their portfolio. Launching Bramour has been an exciting journey of beauty and creativity.

What We Did
  • Ecommerce 360
  • Responsive design
  • User experience
  • System integration
  • Module development
  • Data Capture
  • Support

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02 "We don't really think of NANO as an outside agency, they are just part of our team."

Glamorise Foundations, Inc

Project Journey

Responsive Design

03 Design & UX

Introducing a new brand is like going on a first date. Expectations are high, things have to be perfectly aligned to present your best assets and the first impression is the judge to death or glory. Design and user experience played integral roles in driving the Ecommerce solution for the new found brand. From telling Bramour’s unique story to creating an omni channel experience Design and UX considerations were at the forefront of every decision. Upon completion of the design phase, our engineers incorporate the custom designed theme into a fully featured e-commerce store built on top of the Magento platform.


Client Testimonials

04 Angela

Yuri and his team have been providing us with excellent services from day one. They took over our existing Magento ecommerce platform, have made updates and improvements to our existing websites (both design and development), built a new website for our business, and have also provided support for all of our ecommerce sites on an ongoing basis. Every single issue that comes up is dealt with in an efficient and professional manner, as to find the best possible solution.

I truly value the fact that we have a project manager assigned to our company, with whom we deal every day. Additionally, NANO is able to make recommendations and give guidance for our ecommerce platform, something we truly value. NANO is the perfect fit for our company and I would highly recommend them for any small to mid-size company.

Angela Martin-Fehr
VP Marketing, Glamorise Foundations Inc.

05 Jon

While many people are speculating what model E Commerce agencies should follow, the team at Nano have figured it out. Yuri and the team at Nano are the model of a modern agency–technologically adept, consumer-focused, and on the cutting edge of current digital marketing. Because Nano’s technical proficiency is so high, no time is wasted solving tech problems—instead we can focus on reaching consumers with our message, and converting ideas into sales. One of Nano’s great skills is working hard to integrate the Nano team into our own marketing organization. We don’t really think of NANO as an outside agency, they are just part of our team. This close integration makes implementation and problem solving quicker and more effective–which is crucial in today’s digital marketplace.

Jon Pundik
Glamorise Foundations Inc.

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