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Joolez is a diamond ring marketplace powered by behavioral science and artificial intelligence, to help you find the perfect diamond ring based on what matters to you most. With access to over a Million Diamonds and thousands of rings curated from trusted diamond dealers and jewelry designers, Joolez digital assistant will recommend diamonds and rings based on your needs and personal style.

What We Did
  • Concept development
  • User experience
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Ecommerce Marketplace
  • AI Digital Assistant
  • Content Creation
  • Support

Behavioral science
meets artificial intelligence

Redefine the way consumers shop for Diamonds

02"Consumer Demand for choice and instant gratification is growing."

The diamond industry is consolidating and Jewelry Retailers are closing down. 852 US Jewelry Retailers Closed Their Doors in 2018. 1,190 Retail Jewelers in the U.S. and Canada in 2016. Ecommerce is becoming the go-to option. However, online retailers offer a poor, confusing and outdated user experience. We decided to change that.

– Yuri I. / CEO

Project Journey

Disrupt the oldest industry with the newest technology

03 Joolez is the smartest and easiest way to shop for Diamond Rings.

The online user experience the Jewelry Industry provides has been outdated for the past 10 years, yes a decade. So we decided to approach it intelligently with the consumer in mind. According to research, it may take days and sometimes weeks to shop for the right diamond ring and the problem is that most people need to get educated on a topic that they hope to be making a purchase only once in their lifetime, Diamonds.

Buying a Diamond ring is not only an emotional purchase but also a hefty investment so to make the right decision the buyer needs to understand the value of the diamond, how much to spend on it and hope that he/she doesn’t make a mistake. Joolez is designed to help buyers make decisions in minutes not days, based on the user’s needs and wants. With the most simplified, user experience and AI-powered product recommendation engine buying a Diamond Ring has never been simpler.


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