How Artificial Intelligence is changing consumer insights

There’s nothing more valuable to a brand than consumer insights. They are the cornerstone of product development, marketing campaigns, and company growth.

Consumer insights help brands understand why people buy certain products over others and why people buy the same product for different reasons. Insights allow you to get a detailed overview of how consumers interact with your brand, your products, and what drives them to try and re-purchase from you, or why they don’t. Consumers insights can also enhance the effectiveness of a product or service for the company’s ideal audience and tell you what you need to focus on to grow your brand. 

However, for all their value, they are very elusive. It usually takes putting human resources into the field to generate a report based on their biased opinions, which is then distributed to the brand to utilize. It is a slow, daunting and often expensive process.

What if there was another way. What if technology existed for this to change. Now, there is.

Today, consumer feedback lives online, particularly in the way of Amazon reviews. Those reviews are ever growing and evolving. Thousands of people express how they feel about your products, they discuss details about the product features, and share their experience with the brand, both happy moments and their disappointments. This is a new path for consumer insights. It’s real, broad, and evolving. There is so much hidden “gold” inside these reviews that most brands do not take advantage of. Some brands manually read reviews to try and understand their clients but humans can only process a limited amount of information at a time and personal biases will over shallow the real truth.

Behind Every Review is an Experience that MATTERS.

We’ve built a prototype that reads all of Amazon’s brand reviews, analyzes them in human readable language, and, finally, leaves unique summaries based on the feedback it gathers. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing we are able to discover and track deep and dynamic topics automatically mined from the massive ammount of reviews. Additionally, we simplified the reviews into summarized and digestible insights. The summaries can be turned into quick short reports or long detailed reports and can be sorted by topics naturally generated by the topic popularity. Best of all, as the reviews grow in number, the system continues to grow and automate at scale removing natural bias to generate trusted and transparent insights.

Customers use certain criteria to judge the value of a product. A product’s ability to meet these criteria reflects its relative value. If an organization knew – in advance – what criteria customers were going to use to judge the value of its new products, it could design its products to meet the stated criteria – in effect ensuring the success of the product. 

Why can’t they be uncovered before a product is conceptualized and used to empower product innovation?

Recognizing that a product’s ultimate success or failure can be predicted is an important step on the road to mastering the process of innovation. 

Leverage your customer’s insights to transform your business

Our system makes unstructured data actionable and provides insights that can lead to improved product design, Boost Marketing campaigns, increase customer loyalty and retention, and increased sales. It’s a faster, smarter way to get consumer feedback and improve your marketing and product creation.

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