Using Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Talent Management.

Redefining Normality, Predicting Talent Success, Bias-Free

Deviate is a job marketplace that is redefining normality in the way companies attract, select, and retain talent. We are introducing two science-based improvements to help companies hire smarter and help Job seekers find career paths that capitalize on their strengths.

We apply proven behavioral tests that are directly adapt from 10 years neuroscience research to understand each candidate-their DNA of cognition and personality- which can not be captured from a resume, combined with our cutting-edge AI technology to analyze and match candidate’s experience and cognitive makeup to a right opportunity within a right team. Bias-Free.

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An Unbiased Matching Engine

Artificial Intelligence

Maximizing predication & increase efficiency via adjustable but automated AI algorithms.

Behavioral Test

Collect objective behavioral data from both candidates & existing employees of the company, using neuroscience exercises that are gold-standard in neuroscience research.

Team Chemistry

Our System helps you evaluate the current configuration of your team, learn what drives and motivates your team members, We then identify the most qualified candidates to compliment your team.

New Normality

Our platform helps you to increase the cognitive diversity of your team, Teams solve problems faster, in a more creative fashion, and smarter when they are cognitively diverse.

The US Market Is Growing Fast

Growth in the US, the world’s largest staffing market, is expected to accelerate by 4% in 2018, from 3% growth in 2017.

The U.S. economy needs to add 145,000 jobs per month just to hold the unemployment rate steady and absorb the flow of new workers into the labor force.

Over the last 20 years, the number of companies people worked for, in the five years period, has nearly doubled, from 1.6 jobs in 5 years to 2.85 jobs.

Cognitively Diverse Team

A unique blend of technologists and scientists from Google, Amazon, IBM, NASA, and PayPal came together to make invisible visible in EdTech industry.

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