Ecommerce for Luxury Brands

Take Action To Grow Your Luxury Ecommerce

Did you know that TRUST is the biggest reason people chose to buy luxury products from you?

3 Ways to Grow Ecommerce for Luxury Brands

Statistics show that the craze for online shopping is at an all-time high in the luxury industry and is trending upward.

The global jewelry market is growing at 5-6% annually. However, every part of your Ecommerce business is subject to new expectations, competitors, channels, threats, and opportunities. While Ecommerce currently comprises approximately 4-5% of total jewelry sales, that number will trend towards 10-15% by 2020.

Here are 3 critical actions you must take to grow your luxury Ecommerce business.


According to research, Branded Jewelry is on the rise and expected to account for 30-40% percent of the market in 2020.

Storytelling is arguably the most important way to connect your brand with consumers and a big aspect of the luxury Ecommerce experience. Luxury brands are defined by their heritage, rich history of craftsmanship, and unique design. These aspects are very important for today’s consumer, and help to develop trust with your brand. #tellyourstory

User Experience

Luxury brands have to work hard to differentiate themselves online and have to invest in better ways to communicate their value and heritage. The key to a good user experience is understanding user needs and intent. The need to tailor experiences to user preferences and context is greater than ever. For example, mobile has been drastically taking over, with recent studies showing 64.6% of traffic to luxury sites comes from mobile devices. The user experience should start from mobile and expand into other devices. Data-driven UX design would be the best way to optimize your user experience. Good design creates trust and can improve the perceived value of what you’re selling.

Content Creation

Probably the most overlooked factor in Ecommerce is the importance of great visual content. It’s essentially the main reason why people make a choice to proceed with the sale or move on to someone else. The right content tells your brands story, connects with consumers, builds brand awareness and makes people come back for more. Imagine this: if a customer was looking at your products in person, what would they be looking at? What would they want to touch? How would they feel?

From lifestyle photography to 360-degree product videos, brands can showcase their products in the most enticing ways possible. Give your audience content they feel is valuable to them, content that connects and inspires them, and for that, they will reward you with loyalty and ultimately, conversions.

We create eCommerce experiences

Through beautiful and functional design we deliver unique Ecommerce experiences and tell your brand’s story for today’s digital consumer. We focus on the needs, behaviors, and emotions of the consumer, while our designs revolve around telling your brand story and creating product relevance. Our approach includes collaborative sessions with our clients, asset development, UX planning, UI design, development and content production, along with continuous improvement plans.

Our collaboration doesn’t end when your project goes live. In fact, we’ll stick with you throughout the life of your business providing active support and product maintenance; getting your website built by NANO means you’ll always have a trusted team in your corner.

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