Innovative AI system that proactively prevents workplace injuries

ErgoAI is an app that is redefining normality in the way companies Monitor and Prevent workplace injuries. By aggregating 15 years of cutting-edge Ergonomic research, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, we rethought the old, reactive & one-dimensional solutions, and developed a Proactive & Real-Time replacement.


One Billion Dollars a week spent by businesses on Injuries

In industries that require physical manipulation of objects, these motions require an intense physical effort, and therefore the repetition of these tasks over time can cause fatigue and injury. Injuries at work are tremendously costly for both the corporation as well as the injured worker. In 2017 alone, the total reported cost of workplace injury was $60Billion. Due to the complex nature of today’s modern manufacturing facilities, the root causes of these workplace injuries are often difficult to discern. This is true, even after an injury has occurred. This complexity makes it even more difficult to predict when, where, why and how an injury may occur in the future. Therefore, there is a need to collect aggregate information in real-time from workplaces and workers in order to evaluate risk of injury in a matter of milliseconds and provide scientific recommendations to both workers and managers.


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Automating Prevention Process of Workplace Injuries in Real-Time

Scene Understanding

Silhouette Extraction, Assessing & tracking workers posturer & intrinsic characteristics of objects.

Ergonomic Assessment

Evaluating & Quantifying the Risk-Level of worker’s posture, and its relationship to musculoskeletal injuries.

Behavioral Recommendation

Providing science-based recommendations to both workers and managers when high-risk motions occur to prevent repetitive injuries.

Cognitively Diverse Team

A unique blend of technologists and scientists from Google, Amazon, IBM, NASA, and PayPal came together to make invisible visible in EdTech industry.

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Seeking $700K
Bootstrapped $175K

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