Marketing for Jewelry Stores

Get a step-by-step marketing plan to acquire new customers and grow your revenue.

Build Customer Trust

Get More Qualified Leads

Convert More Sales

We get it.

Most business owners don’t have the time, expertise, or staff to effectively market their business. That’s why we created a Comprehensive Marketing Program for Retail Jewelers, designed to REACH and ENGAGE with Customers.

If your business is struggling with:

  • Poor Quality Leads
  • Lack of Effective Marketing Campaigns
  • Outdated User Experience

Book a Free Demo to understand how you can unlock your jewelry store’s full potential.

    If you don’t have a clear marketing plan, you will continue to waste time and money on marketing “guesses” that yield poor results.

    Our Process

    Make Smart Decisions

    We’ll help you develop a consumer-centric strategy and management process so you can make better decisions that will increase sales and grow profit.

    Improve Performance

    We keep our finger on the pulse of new trends, innovations, and solutions that will help you differentiate from the competition and drive consumer engagement.

    Grow Your Business

    We will assess your business and the competitive landscape. We will help you uncover growth and profit opportunities to leverage immediately.

    “While many people are speculating what model E-Commerce agencies should follow, the team at NANO has figured it out. Yuri and the team at NANO are the model of a modern agency–technologically adept, consumer-focused, and on the cutting edge of current digital marketing. Because NANO’s technical proficiency is so high, no time is wasted solving tech problems—instead, we can focus on reaching consumers with our message and converting ideas into sales.”

    Jon Pundik | CEO
    Glamorise Foundations Inc.

    Video Portfolio

    We don’t do everything.

    We only help you with what you need, when you need it most

    Digital Advertising

    Google Ads

    Social Media Ads

    Remarketing & Retargeting

    Lead Nurture

    Experience that converts

    Marketing creative that engages

    Email marketing connects


    Business Strategy

    Insights & Analytics

    Concept Creation

    Your business deserves the benefits of a Marketing Team without the commitment of a full-time hire.

    Who is this for?

    For retail businesses generating over $2MM in revenue and $100k+ allocated marketing spent over 12 months

    What should I expect?

    A Comprehensive Jewelry Marketing Program designed to Reach and Engage with Retail Customers

    How we do it


    Build a Plan.

    We create an annual content calendar and plan all Ad concepts and promotions.


    Execute the plan.

    We create all marketing channels, design all the ads, create campaigns, and set up Emails and text promos.


    Optimize and Grow.

    We watch all the Data, track results, and optimize all campaigns for best conversions.

    Don’t Leave Marketing to Chance

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      Relax, you’re in good hands

      Strategy & Creativity

      Your marketing shouldn’t feel like flushing money down the drain. We plan everything from start to finish and create beautiful and engaging Ads to target specific audiences.

      Transparency & Convenience

      The secret to hidden profits lies in a Good User Experience. We don’t just drive traffic to your website, we help you optimize your user experience so you can convert more leads.

      Proactive Problem Solving

      Our business model is designed to serve as a Plug-and-Play extension of your in-house team. We provide full-service support and consultancy to help you grow your business.

      Meet Your Team

      Yuri Iskhakov

      Fractional CMO

      Vlad Luch

      Marketing Manager

      Arthur Godiva

      Product Innovation

      What Our Clients Are Saying


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      Congratulations, you are one step closers to getting more results out of your website. Please check your email for the UX Audit Training Video and DIY UX Audit guide.