Optimized Magento Hosting

Survival of the Fastest! Be a leader, not a follower.

NANO has partnered up with the leading Magento hosting solution provider in order to provide our clients faster Magento websites.

Running Magento on generic servers often risks performance issues that translate into slow loading pages, abandoned shopping carts and lost revenue. To provide a great user experience and get the most out of your Magento storefront, you need the right infrastructure to power your business. Our clients are now enjoy incredible load times that are under 1 second on all pages, with some pages even as low as 200 milliseconds! Our Magento experts have implemented, upgraded and currently supporting dozens of Magento websites. We only work with partners we trust!


All Plans include 24/7 Magento Expert Support, Dedicated IP Addresses and SSH Access

  • Faster or Free
  • Time To First Byte (TTFB) less than 2 seconds
  • Support response time 15 minutes or less
  • Built to ensure lower latency path to your customers
  • Network availability 100%
  • Network latency 2 miliseconds or less
  • Hardware replacement 1 hour or less
  • Power/electricity 100% availability

Let our team set up your Magento website infrastructure. Email support@nanowebgroup.com