What’s user experience got to do with profits?  Everything!

Whenever users land on your website, you’re providing them with an experience. The quality of their experience has a significant impact on their opinion, sharing possibility and ultimately, sales conversions (which lead to hidden profits). The secret to hidden profits lies in a Good User Experience. Good user experience depends on three major pillars. Information Architecture, User Journey and Speed Performance. When all three pillars are well optimized the results are staggering.

Information architecture (IA) focuses on the organization of data—that is, how data is structured from a user’s perspective, as opposed to the system, or technical, perspective. IA results in categorization, schema, mapping, and navigation that is intuitive and user-friendly. In other words when the IA is properly organized, it improves user journey and comprehension.

User Journey should be designed with specific audience in mind and, ideally, based on a deep, research-driven understanding of your customers’ goals. Actionable UX clearly identifies both positive and negative customer emotions throughout the user journey and puts them in context of customer behaviors, goals, and expectations. If you want to increase conversions, know your customer and Own the User Experience!

Speed Performance is an important factor for Google’s search ranking algorithms. But your site speed is not only important to Google, it’s one of the biggest contributors to making or breaking a sale! Did you know? If your website doesn’t load in under 4 seconds, 1 of 4 people will leave! Better website performance leads directly to higher sales conversions.

Here’s a great animated video that explains how UX design delivers ROI:


How do you measure the effectiveness of user experience?

It’s simple. It’s all about achieving the business objective. The user experience is a means to an end – to achieve a goal. The simplest and most objective measure is the conversion rate – whether changes in the experience design will boost or reduce conversions. In other words did the sales increase? Speak to our Ecommerce experts about your website and find your hidden profits! 212-658-0085

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