Product Recommendation


Because shopping should be personalized.


Solution Space: Behavioral Marketing + Real-time Recommendation Engine

No one wants to be sold but everyone loves to buy. Most of our buying decisions are not based on well-defined logic but emotions, trust, communication, culture, and intuition play a big role in our buying decisions. We do have some repeated patterns. We often buy the same things, behave in a similar way and follow similar intuitions. So if we can learn the buyer’s pattern, we may be able to identify the next buyer too and also help the same buyer on the next purchase.

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Get The Most out of Your Website

Increase Conversion Rate

Higher Profit

Improve User Experience

Reduce Marketing Cost

Increase Loyalty

Increase Lifetime Value

Increase Retention

Reduce Churn & Confusion

Behavioral Recommendation within 200 Milliseconds of User Action

Input to AI algorithms

  • Millions of users’ profiles,
  • Millions of Products

Combination of Collaborative AI Algorithms

  • Analyze, Segment, learn users behavior & intend level.
  • Cluster products & Users.
  • Find similarities & relevance between Users & Products.
  • Recommend the right user at right time, the right product.

Real-Time Output

  • True Personalization,
  • Smart Recommendation

Cognitively Diverse Team

A unique blend of technologists and scientists from Google, Amazon, IBM, NASA, and PayPal came together to make invisible visible in EdTech industry.

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