Ecommerce UX Audit

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Are you getting the most out of your Ecommerce? Do you want to increase your conversions by 30-75%?
Sign up for a UX Audit and get valuable insights and advice from Ecommerce experts on how to grow your Ecommerce conversions.
UX Audit report will help you identify potential roadblocks that are preventing your visitors from having a good user experience while browsing or shopping on your website.

Areas of Focus 

  • Identify opportunities
  • Substantiate design changes
  • Identify technical issues
  • Visual Content Quality and Usability
  • Potential UX improvements
  • Road map and next steps

What you get:

  1. Detailed understanding of pain points
  2. Insights into Journey flaws and Visual Content
  3. Performance Optimization Insights
  4. Summary findings, including small wins and UX strategies
  5. Full Plan with recommendations on the next steps.




The Importance of Improving Your User Experience (UX)

When you improve user experience, you can help guide your website visitors through the conversion funnel. The conversion funnel turns prospects into leads and leads into customers.

However, customers often encounter obstacles on their way to make a purchase, causing site abandonment, poor user experience and of course loss of sales and revenue. This is where UX Audit comes in handy.

The UX Audit helps identify potential roadblocks that are preventing the users from having a good user experience while browsing or shopping on your website.

Things our experts pay attention to:

  • User interface (buttons, links, and visual styling)
  • Interaction design (movement from page to page, animations, and scrolling effects)
  • Copy, content, and messaging (labels, headlines, and written text)
  • Information architecture (navigation structures and content classification)
  • Accessibility elements (contrast, visual focus indicators, text alternatives, etc.)
  • Customer journey consistency
  • Omnichannel seamlessness

How do you measure the effectiveness of user experience?

It’s simple. It’s all about achieving the business objective. The user experience is a means to an end – to achieve a goal. The simplest and most objective measure is the conversion rate – whether changes in the experience design will boost or reduce conversions.

In other words did the sales increase?

Using our UX Audit report, you can make incremental improvements to your website and test how well the improvements impact your conversions.

UX Audit is great for Ecommerce websites. If you are on Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify.

The report takes 24-48hours to be generated by a UX professional depending on the volume of requests.

For more questions please call 212-658-0085 ask for Yuri.