Personalize your Learning, based on your own
unique cognitive strength.

Our platform appeals to students by delivering online courses in a format that suits to their existing way of thinking, learning, and processing information.

Average U.S. student grade falls into the “C” range in 2017

Since its inception, education has mostly followed a “one-size-fits-all” format. Students are taught in a classroom for a specified amount of time, studying via mostly text-based books, and complete standardized homework and assessments. However, decades of research have suggested numerous individual differences in the way in which students learn best. Because of a failure of educational design to adapt to differences in students’ individualized learning, many students fall behind. A nationwide ‘C’ average suggests that there is a crucial need for alternative learning experiences.

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Learn how you were meant to Learn

By aggregating 50 years of cutting-edge neuroscientific research and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, we challenged the old solution for the better.

Gamified Cognitive Assessment

Our games are directly adopted from 50 years of neuroscientific research with the goal of identifying the format in which a student learns best.

AI evaluates the Games

by objectively identifying students’ preferred learning style, speed of processing, and cognitive ability.

RealTime Personalization

by adopting the content of the course, homework, duration of class, and breaks to students’ unique cognitive style and ability to help them learn faster and more efficently.

Market is at its Peak

In 2017, Worldwide Edtech investment reached a record high of over $9.52 billion, up 30% from 2016 which set the previous record for Edtech funding at $7.33 billion.

US Edtech investments peak again with $1.45 billion raised in 2018, which eclipsed the $1.2 billion raised by U.S. Edtech startups in 2017.

$9.3 Billion investment in AI-related startups in 2018, a 72% increase compared to 2017.

Cognitively Diverse Team

A unique blend of technologists and scientists from Google, Amazon, IBM, NASA, and PayPal came together to make invisible visible in EdTech industry.

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Seeking 1.3M
Bootstrapped $150K

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