Ecommerce 360 Audit


Grow your business and Ecommerce conversions with Full in-depth Ecommerce Audit. Our Ecommerce experts will build a strategic plan based on report insights and will help you identify potential roadblocks that are preventing your Ecommerce growth. 

Focus Areas

  • Analytics Review
  • Usability & Performance
  • Product Organization
  • Ecommerce Tool Set
  • Visual Content Quality and Usability
  • Customer Experience Audit
  • UX and UI improvements

What you get:

  1. Detailed understanding of pain points
  2. Insights into Journey flaws and Visual Content
  3. Speed and Performance Optimization Insights
  4. Summary findings, including UX strategies, Product Strategies, Content Strategies
  5. Full Plan with recommendations on the next steps.



The Importance of Auditing your Ecommerce business.

Ecommerce Audits help you get an overview of the performance of your Ecommerce business. An audit is an excellent opportunity that you can use to evaluate each component of your business, and discover the areas that need improvement, as well as locating opportunities

Our Ecommerce Audits include everything from User Experience to SEO to product placement to content and platform analysis. Our Ecommerce Experts take a look at your entire business (conversion rates, content, site performance, etc.), and design a “blueprint” of solutions to improve problem areas and help grow your Ecommerce business.

Here is a general overview of what is included in our Ecommerce Audits:

  • Full User Experience – Business goals, Design usability, Customer Journeys, Personas, Customer Experience
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Product URL’s, image quality, product titles, internal links, product descriptions and length, etc. We do everything possible to help you get the most organic traffic from popular search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Conversion Rates – We evaluate your current conversion rates and look for ways to improve them (e.g. calls to action, landing and homepage, checkout process, opt-in forms, customer reviews, etc.)
  • Product Presentation – The way your products are presented and showcased to customers (e.g. related products, high-quality product images, product videos, and descriptions, etc.).
  • Site Performance – This area of our audit reviews the performance (speed) of your site. The quicker that the site loads, the better experience the customer will have. We take a look at several areas of your site to determine the overall performance, including page load time, file size, etc.
  • Visual Content – The way product content is presented to the customer makes a difference between a sales or an abandonment (product descriptions, about page, contact page, return policy, support page, etc.).
  • Mobile Optimization – This tests whether or not your online store is fully optimized on mobile devices.
  • Platform Analysis – We finish the audit by completing an analysis of the platform that you are using, your hosting environments and necessary tools like CDNs and SSL Certificates to make sure your infrastructure is set up for optimal results